How to Prepare Your Car for a Paint Protection Film Installation

Every time we take our cars out on the road, we risk damaging them. While you can never plan on an accident, there’s something a little more frustrating: the random paint damage that occurs for x-y-z reason. We all remember a time when you got stuck behind a truck carrying a load of rocks, you drove down a loose gravel road, or some debris flew out of nowhere, and you ended up with scratches on your fresh coat of paint. This happens all the time and unfortunately, a few small pebbles may cost hundreds of dollars worth of damage to your car’s paint job. That’s one of the many advantages of a paint protection film. Here’s how you can use it to not only protect your car, but make it look amazing.


Protect Your Car’s Appearance

Paint protection film is one of the best ways to protect your car’s paint job. And this is for everything not just including random damage, but also from water spots, the sun and more. This extends across your vehicle including your roof, mirrors, fenders, rear bumper and more. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. You put a screen cover on your $600 phone, shouldn’t you do the same thing on a $40,000 or more vehicle?


Different Types of Paint Protection Film

Modern Image offers two different kinds of film: Standard Clear Bra Kit and Custom Clear Bra. With the standard kit, you’ll be able to protect 85% of your vehicle which coverage that extends to the edges of your car’s panels. The Custom Clear Bra option extends this even further by protecting 99% of your vehicle. Since it is specially molded for your car, it also has fewer visible lines and seams creating a sleek appearance.



What About the Windshield?

If you are going to take the time to protect your car’s exterior, you should also consider the windshield. Your windshield is one of the most fragile parts of your car while also being the most likely to get hit by rocks and debris. Modern Image also offers ClearPlex Windshield Protection. Aside from providing a sturdy additional layer onto your windshield, ClearPlex utilizes unique self-healing nanotechnology that ensures your windshield looks good even after it’s been hit by something.


How to Prepare Your Car for Paint Protection Film Installation

The best way for you to ensure the paint is installed quickly and perfectly is to make sure your vehicle is clean beforehand. Take fifteen minutes and head over to the car wash to remove all dirt and stick objects before you bring it over for the film installation. Be sure also to have a few towels to dry your car before you hand it over to us. The cleaner it is, the smoothly we can apply the coat of film.


The Best Way to Protect Your Car’s Appearance

With your paint protection film, you have on the best, most affordable ways of vehicle protection to ensure your car’s appearance always looks great. At Modern Image, we offer not just protection film, but even more ways to spruce up your car’s appearance. We are also your top choice for San Diego Car Wrapping and can offer you a wide variety of different ways to customize your vehicle.