Ford GT full clear bra coverage

Modern Image Ford GT Clear Bra 09

We covered all the paint on this Ford GT in Clear Bra

Modern Image Ford GT Clear Bra 12Why would you want to do that?

Protection, Protection, Protection, which really means to maintain the resale value. Limited production, super cars, hyper cars have one draw back and that is the fear that driving it will cause damage. While there is no way to remove all risk, you can add a barrier of protection to the paint with clear bra. Adding this layer will allow you to drive your car without less worry that damage might occur. Damage yo might see while driving such as dirt and small rocks kicked up by other cars out on the road will be shielded from making contact with the paint. Small rock chips are both unsightly and expensive to repair. Repairs also have to be disclosed in the sale of the car in turn diminishing the resale value.

The Clear Bra works like this. Our team of installation technicians prepares your car by thoroughly cleaning and removing any buildup on the surface of your vehicles paint. They then apply a transparent film directly to the paint or your car. This film is the Clear Bra. On the Ford GT pictured, we applied the clear bra over all painted panels to get the most protection possible. In some cases we only apply clear bra to the forward facing areas. As time goes on there are less and less good examples of the original Ford GT like this one. that is the reason for protecting all the panels. Sometimes road debris goes past the hood or mirrors and can hit the rear area of the car.

Keep the amazing shine that came with the Ford GT while protecting the paint

Modern Image Ford GT Clear Bra 10The Clear Bra film has a high gloss finish that can hardly be noticeable when our technicians install it. As you can see in the picture of the Ford GTs rear section, the reflective quality that the clear bra gives you is as good if not better than some paint finishes. The high gloss shine combined with a top-notch Modern Image installation will give your car the appearance that there is nothing on the paint even though it is there, protecting the paint. That brings us around to the reason you are getting the clear bra in the first place, which is to protect your investment while you enjoy the drive.

Clear Bra is not exclusive to high-end cars we install kits with varying mounts of coverage on all types of cars like Acura, BMW, Mercedes-Benz Scion, Toyota,  and Volkswagen. These kits can range from total coverage like the Ford GT to partial coverage kits consisting of just the front bumper, fenders and 16″ of the hood.

Every car is different in how much time is required to complete the job so to gain more information about protecting your car with clear bra, fill out the form below

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