Commercial Vehicle Graphics

Commercial Vehicle graphics are the best way to get your brand seen. 

Utilizing a vehicle that you are already driving throughout the city, your drivers can generate thousands of brand impressions each time they go out. Because the vinyl wrap is applied directly to your van there are no residual fees involved with continuing to advertise your company all day, every day, for months or years to come. When comparing to the standard billboard advertising your cost will be thousands lower. Standard billboards also are limited to traffic that drives by which are usually the same people day after day. Commercial vehicle graphic wraps get similar amounts of views but also get many more first-time viewers due to portability.

Graphic installations take a few days to install depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of coverage you are getting. We offer everything from basic kits and simple text graphics up to full commercial vehicle graphics that will make a big statement. One of our most popular kits is the Small Commercial Graphics Kit.

Small Commercial Graphics Kits

Our small commercial graphics kit is designed to get the most coverage on a small vehicle while keeping cost effectiveness in mind. This kit is made more for cars and smaller vehicles. It provides graphics for the front and rear of your vehicle, along with two graphics that run along the side of your vehicle. It is a great way to turn your small cars into rolling billboards.

Large Commercial Graphics Kits

Our large commercial graphics kit is designed to for large panel vehicles like vans and large SUVs. This kit provides graphics for the same four areas but will get you about 30% more coverage due to a larger side panel.

Full Custom Commercial Graphics

Getting full custom commercial graphics from Modern Image gives you unlimited options. You have the ability to tailor the look of your wrap to best suit your business. You can design the wrap to cover almost any area that you want with whatever images or designs that will excite potential customers. The best part of a vehicle wrap is that it is a one-time cost that will get you seen in targeted areas.

After we print and install your custom commercial graphics brand awareness will increase. The more your vehicles are on the road, whether San Diego or anywhere else they might go, people will see your brand!

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