Audi R8 Satin White Vinyl Wrap Color Change



Sometimes you need a change of color.

When that happens its probably time for a wrap. This Audi R8 came in looking great with clean original Jet Blue Metallic. unfortunately the owner had grown tired of the look. The original excitement he had when looking at the car was gone. Our solution was to change it up a bit. not only color but also finish. going from dark to light, we covered the whole car in a satin white vinyl wrap. The satin finish made the body lines a little more visible.


Modern_Image_San_Diego_Audi_R8_Satin White_3m_Crystalline_18A vinyl wrap gives you the ability to completely change the look of your car without the cost and permanence of a paint job. Turn around time is reduced and when you are either done with the car or done with the color you can simply remove the wrap letting the original color back out. An added benefit is the small barrier of protection that the wrap provides for your paint.


Each panel gets covered individually with the edges wrapping around the panel to give the look of a new paint job. Depending on the color, often times wraps get mistaken for factory colors when they appear similar to a factory finish.

After the color change the customer decided he wanted to go a bit darker with the windows to give the car a more contrasting look and keep the interior temps cool. After weighing the advantages of 3M FX Premier and Crystalline the customer chose the Crystalline for its UVA and UVB protection.


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