Cadillac Escalade new look – SUV wrap

Modern Image Cadillac Escalade matte dark gray suv wrap 06

Add flair by getting a custom SUV wrap


Modern Image Cadillac Escalade matte dark gray suv wrap 09Today, getting a custom color SUV wrap is the best way to add a personal flair to your vehicle and stand out. We utilize many wrap material manufacturers like 3M, Arlon, Avery, Hexis, and Oracal to give you the largest selection of colors to choose from. Along with the color is the finish. This Cadillac Escalade SUV wrap was done in dark grey with a Matte finish. Other standard finishes available are gloss and satin. High end finishes are either patterned like a brushed metal, carbon fiber weave, and chrome.

Vinyl SUV wraps are a effective way to transform the look of your car without the time and cost that new paint jobs require. Getting an SUV wrap installed is not permanent and will result in a better resale value than if your vehicle was repainted. The material also provides a small amount of paint protection because the panels have a vinyl coating and are not subject to direct sunlight, bird droppings, or small road debris experienced while driving.

Getting your SUV wrap figured out

Modern Image Cadillac Escalade matte dark gray suv wrap 05When you first come to our office in San Diego, we will look through the vinyl color sample books to find the right one to fit your needs. After selecting the main color of the wrap we move on to detailed aspects of your new look, taking in to account trim pieces and accents areas considered for color change. This SUV wrap included “blacking” out chrome trim pieces and wheels in either satin or gloss black. Sometimes the wrap will include accents of a different color to bring out the body lines of the car. Once all aspects of the wrap are considered we can give you a proper quote.

The SUV wrap process begins with a thorough cleanup and teardown of the vehicle. To achieve the best possible wrap we remove parts such as the headlights, taillights, trim pieces, emblems, grill, and even bumper covers. In some cases disassembly is not necessary, but it allows to get the material “deeper” resulting in more coverage area it is necessary. With everything apart we remove dirt and grime that may have lodged itself between body panels. Every vehicle is different so the amount of prep time depends on the general cleanliness of the SUV a well as the condition of the paint. Once everything is cleaned and ready for a new vinyl color we start the wrap process. Because size and shape varies for every car the time to complete the wrap also varies. Once complete you have a fresh new look that will make your car stand out!



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