A custom garage door wrap is the final piece for turning your garage into a Man Cave


Modern_Image_Garage_Door_Wrap04The finishing touch to your Man Cave could be a custom garage door wrap. Depending on what type of door you have it is usually the most difficult area of the garage to decorate. We use specially designed material to cover the panels of the garage door with an image or design of your choice.

In this case the print is composed of photos provided by our client from when he used to race in a Porsche series. We took his original pictures, expanded and did some enhancements to them in order to cover the entire garage doors with a great look. This way he could cover up the boring garage doors and keep the memory of his racing days right in front of him. The quality of the garage door wrap look will ultimately depend on the quality of the image provided. The better the original image is, the better the final garage door wrap will be.

The printed image is installed on the inside of the garage door. As the garage door opens the image moves with it.  It does not hinder the operation of the door in any way, allowing the garage to still be used as it was originally intended.

Modern_Image_Garage_Door_Wrap05Taking the look a bit further is wrapping the other furnishings in the garage in finishes and textures that scream motorsports. The hot water heater and the small refrigerator were covered in a 3D carbon fiber vinyl. Using a vinyl with a brushed metal finish, we covered all the cabinet doors. The combination of carbon fiber, brushed metal, and the racing pictures all tied together perfectly to pay homage to his past racing days and really improve the overall look of the garage.

There are an unlimited number of ways that we could help you improve the look of your garage.

Horseback riding  –  A Soccer theme  –  or even your own paradise island getaway.

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Check out the Garage Door Wrap in action

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  1. The Man Cave garage door mural wraps look great My garage has a commercial roller door can you wrap be applied to it? I really like the Porsche mural.


    Bob Hallett

    1. The Wrap can be installed on most garage doors, both residential and commercial. Every application is different. We would need to see your a photo of your door to understand all the complexeties it has. You can email that to us –

  2. Looking for a wrap for the inside of my 2 car garage door (16 panel), as well as my single garage door (8 panel). There’s nothing fancy about the doors, just your standard residential garage doors. Can you email me a quote for a wrap?


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