Gloss Black to Matte Blue Metallic – BMW E92 M3



Full color change vinyl wrap to Matte Blue Metallic



Black is the second most popular color for a car in North America. If your vehicle is black the chances of you seeing another car the same color are one in five. When you thing about it that is not very rare. The owner of this car chose to stand out with a matte metallic blue vinyl wrap.

One major advantage to owning a black vehicle is the ease of resale. Because of its popularity there are more people looking to buy a black car vs a red or blue car. But if you are looking to stand out, a black car wont cut it. Vinyl wraps are a great way to enhance or even completely change the look of your car. The wrap material is applied directly to the original paint. In addition to changing, the look it also provides a small layer of protection. so you get a new look a bit of protection and still have the original factory paint that can be brought back simply by removing the wrap.

Modern_Image_Matte_Blue_Metallic_Vinyl_Wrap_BMW_M3_09Manufacturers are coming out with new colors all the time. currently you have choices for single colors, variable colors, matte finishes, gloss finishes, metallic and chromes. On this BMW M3, we wrapped it matte blue metallic. Matte referring to the finish, blue the color, and metallic meaning that there are tiny pieces of metal in the material that cause a shine to the car in the light.

When we wrap a car every piece of material is installed to get the customer a personalized look. There are a few areas on this car that we kept the black visible as accents. When we go over your car with you we talk about options for accents. they can stay the original color be wrapped in a clear satin or even carbon fiber wrap. We have many choices to see at our office just off of Miramar Rd.

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