Kawasaki Ninja H2 Paint Protection

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Kawasaki’s Ninja H2 paint job is a thing of beauty

Modern Image Kawasaki Ninja H2 Clear Bra 08From the time it was first dropped off until it left our shop, the paint job on this Kawasaki Ninja H2 was one of amazement. This bike isn’t just black, it’s so much more. They title it Mirror Coated Spark Black. It is a black tone that has glass flakes in a layer of the paint along with a finish layer made of silver. The glass flakes catch your eye in the light while the mirror finish gives an all new depth that is not seen on a mass-production vehicle.

Even though it is a mass-production bike, the paint and finish work on the Ninja H2 is done by hand. To create the mirror finish they use a chemical process that leaves a coat of real silver behind. The concern in getting an amazing mirror finish is that all the layers beneath come out as perfectly smooth as possible, which is the reason they are done by hand. Finally the paint gets a double coat of clear to keep the silver layer from oxidizing which would make it lose its luster.

Protect the mirror finish with clear bra

Modern Image Kawasaki Ninja H2 Clear Bra 03With all of the hard work you want to make sure nothing happens to the overall paint job. Because the silver layer is formed by a chemical process you can’t just touch up a small area. Scratches, nicks, and abrasion from riding can create a problem that requires re-painting the whole piece, a costly endeavor. In anticipation of that possibly happening the owner had us cover the painted areas with a layer of clear bra. This will keep the paint just as new as it was when it came from the factory without having to worry while riding the bike.

Climbing on and off of the Ninja H2 won’t be an issue

Because the light abrasion will be against the clear bra and not the mirror finish. While carving turns in the mountains around San Diego with your buddies you won’t have to worry about small rocks that might get kicked up. The impact from small debris will be absorbed by the clear bra material. Getting a clear bra installed on your motorcycle really frees you up to think about what you want, the ride. We can install the material in many areas that are susceptible to rocks on most bikes.


Here is a quick video of the paint process on the Kawasaki Ninja H2

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