Kryptek Camo Car Wrap FJ Cruiser

Modern Image Toyota FJ Cruiser Kryptek Camo Car Wrap 18

Get your vehicle covered in a Kryptek Camo Car Wrap


Modern Image Toyota FJ Cruiser Kryptek Camo Car Wrap 01We had the opportunity to make this Toyota FJ Cruiser look really unique by giving it a Mandrake Kryptek camo car wrap. Kryptek camouflage has become very popular as an alternative to the standard camo designs people are used to. Sitting at stop lights, and even driving down the freeway, this new look will definitely turn heads.

Because we were starting out with a very neutral cement grey we used the patterns of the kryptek camo to add some excitement to the car because it had too much of a generic look when you think of the off road adventures it is getting ready for. Our customer picked out this color for his Kryptek car wrap because it represented his personality. Reflecting on where he lives and where he plans on taking this truck out, he chose the Mandrake color palate. This palate is designed to mimic the colors and shapes in a lush green forest similar to the area he lives in.

Once the main areas were wrapped in the pattern we came to the conclusion that it needed another solid color. Just to make the car have a little more “pop” we chose Matte Brown Metallic for the roof. Although it doesn’t sound like the most exciting color it definitely fits in with the overall scheme and draws out the brown from the camo pattern.

Every Kryptek Camo Car Wrap is completely customizable to meet your goals

Of course, we know not everyone wants their car wrapped in green camouflage; and you have options! When you bring us your car to get it wrapped with Kryptek camo, you have ten color options to choose from with color palates like night/blacks, earthy/greens, snow/whites, ocean/blues, and desert/beige patterns. We also wrapped a Lamborghini Huracan in the Yeti/White pattern.



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