Matte Mint Wrap for goldRush Rally


GT3 Wardrobe change – Gloss White to a Matte Mint Wrap


Modern_Image_goldRush_Rally_Porsche_GT3_Matte_Mint_Wrap_20On Friday, May 13th 2016 The GR8EST goldRush rally will be closing down Boston City Hall as they start a cross country drive through cities such as Washington D.C., Nashville, Las Vegas, finishing in Los Angeles. One of our good friends will be at that start point to pilot his 2015 911 Porsche GT3 with a BBI Autosport Cup kit and HRE Wheels installed by HG Motorsports. Our part in this project was to add some flair to an already outspoken car with a color change vehicle wrap.

For years the little box from Tiffany has stood as a symbol of sophistication and excellence. This Porsche GT3 has been precisely modified to a point that it portrays those same characteristics. Because Most of the important upgrades are hidden under the body panels, we wrapped it up in Matte Mint from Oracal. As it is driven from town to town the color will let everyone know just what is in front of them, an exquisite example piece of automotive machinery.

Modern_Image_goldRush_Rally_Porsche_GT3_Matte_Mint_Wrap_14Within days of @its.scottie receiving his GT3 the vehicle was already in the works to get track upgrades. After that it came to us for a Custom Full Front Clear Bra. In a few short months it has seen more track time than most GT3s will ever see. With the front fully protected from tire kick-up it was time to clean up from the track debris and change the look with a Matte Mint wrap for the goldRush Rally.

The Matte Mint Wrap is completely removable once the rally is over. It was installed over the ClearBra that was already on the car so when the color comes off the protection will stay. After he gets his first chance to see it though, were pretty sure he is going to keep the color on for a while.

Do you have a wild idea for a color to wrap your car?

Let us know what you are looking to do and we can help you achieve that dream!!!


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