Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection

Modern Image is offering special pricing for Tesla Model 3 paint protection kits

There have been a few Tesla Model 3 popping up around the city. If you are lucky enough to be one of these new owners, Congratulations!

After waiting about a year and a half your car has arrived. You are finally going to get to drive your new Model 3. With such a long wait we expect that you will want to protect your new purchase as soon as possible. Getting a Model 3 paint protection film installed by Modern Image is your first step. Every time you drive your car you have the chance of getting rock chips in the paint. Paint protection film adds a barrier of protection between debris that is kicked up by other cars and your new paint.

Modern Image has created special introductory pricing for Tesla Model 3 paint protection kits for new owners. To get this special pricing all you have to do is schedule installation any time before April 27th,2018.

We have 2 options for you to choose from at a huge savings of up to $35% off regular price!

Partial Front Kit

This Tesla Model 3 paint protection kit includes the bumper, front 20″ of the hood, Front fenders to match where the hood ends, and the mirror Caps.

This kit provides basic front end impact protection. A partial front kit is designed to cover the forward facing areas that are most succeptible damage from small road debris encountered while driving. With the entire dront bumper being a painted piece it is much more important to protect than no electric cars that have large open aread for cooling radiators.

$775 (regular $1239)

Full Front Kit

The Tesla Model 3 paint protection full front kit includes the bumper, the full hood, full fenders, and the mirror caps.

This kit will cover the entire front of your Model 3 up to the front doors, and include the mirror caps as well.

The benefit of a full front kit is the protection over the entire front end with the added bonus of not having a visible line on the hood and fenders where the partial kit would end.

$1425 (regular $1929)

Spacing is limited to this promotional offer based on the schedule.

If you already have your Model 3 give us a call at 858-408-0744 to get the next available appointment time. or send us a message using the form below

Partial front paint protection kits and full front Model 3 paint protection kits are only the start of services that Modern Image can do for you

We also offer:

  • Custom paint protection film installation
  • Feynlab Automotive Coatings
  • Crystalline Heat-rejecting window film
  • Color Change vehicle wraps

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