Tesla Model X Blackout Package

Modern Image Tesla Model X Blackout and Clear Bra 09


Tesla Model X gets full Blackout Package and Clear Bra paint protection


Modern Image Tesla Model X Blackout and Clear Bra 01We just had one of the baddest electric SUVs come into the shop to get a few enhancements and a protection at the same time. This Tesla Model X is fully loaded from the factory and the owner even got the ludicrous speed upgrade. SUVs usually have the connotation of being a family car. The owner of this Model X is no different. It already had blades of grass and soccer cleats on the floor from the owner picking his kids up at after practice. One of his requests was to protect the gloss black seat backs with Clear Bra so it would not get scratched up from the kids getting in and out. the second request was to make it look a little meaner with a full blackout package. After all this Family car does 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds, the same speed as the Lamborghini Huracan.

Modern Image Tesla Model X Blackout and Clear Bra 08Starting out with paint protection we installed a full custom clear bra on the front fenders, hood and bumper. That was to keep the white paint from getting nicked up by road debris while it shuttles the kids around town. We continued that clear bra protection into the interior where each seat back was fully protected against the team jumping in with cleats still on. Protecting the seat backs was possibly one of the most important areas because kids usually don’t think about what will happen to dads car if they jump in and kick the glossy black seat backs. Already having an extremely clean-looking white interior, any scuff or scratch marks will become an eyesore every time another passengers get in the car for a ride.

With the paint and interior protected we moved on to giving the supercar speed SUV a little attitude. Anything that was chrome on the outside either covered in satin black vinyl or satin black paint to complete our standard blackout package. The door handles got covered in satin black vinyl along with the window trim. This really enhances the contrast of the vehicle creating a great look that will definitely get heads turning. The front grill and all emblems were then removed and treated with satin black paint. We added a little fire to the look with bright red accents on the “T” emblems and the select areas of the model designation emblems. the only area that stayed chrome was the Tesla letters at the back of the car.

A blackout package is not exclusive to fancy SUV like the Tesla Model X. We can do them on all cars that come from the factory with a bit more chrome than you want. Image is everything; what does your car say about you?

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