Vehicle Protection

Modern Image offers multiple types of vehicle protection

Modern Image is the original San Diego Clear Bra installation facility. As we have grown we have perfected our craft installing both kits and full custom jobs to Protect your vehicles paint. We also apply Clear Bra to protect Modern plastic headlights that easily show small damage. In addition to ClearBra, for paint protection, we also offer professional application of Modesta paint coating. We have tested many different products and have found this to be the best protective coating on the market. the last point of protection would be the windshield which we protect with ClearPlex, A clear sheet of film designed to deflect rocks from causing damage

Clear Bra Paint Protection

Clear bra packages can be completely customized. there are two major choices when deciding on clear bra protection, Total Coverage Area and Standard Clear Bra Kit vs. Custom Clear Bra.


Modern Image Clear Bra Premium

Your First choice determines what you want covered.

The coverage areas can include any combination of:

Front Bumper, Mirrors Headlights, Partial or Full Front Fender, Parial or Full Hood

Doors, Rocker Panels, Front A-Pillars, Entire Roof

Rear Deck Lid, Rear Bumper, Rear Quarter Panels



Your second choice determines how you want the edges made.


  • A Standard Clear Bra Kit is cut by computer to specifications that will create a coverage area up to 85% ending close to the edges of the panel
  • Our Custom Clear Bra paint protection is cut by hand to get more coverage area creating less visible seams or lines and up to 99%coverage


Clear Bra headlight protection


For the headlights we use the same material as in paint protection and apply it to your headlights. This creates an barrier of protection from road hazards.


After miles of driving the same clouding that would be on your headlights gets take by the film. At this point we can simply remove the old film and install a new piece, giving you back the fresh clean headlights you had prior to installation.


Modesta Paint Coating


Modesta manufactures multiple types of coatings that perform different jobs when applied to your vehicle. Depending on where and what is being covered we offer six different formulas to suit your needs.

Modern Image Modesta Paint Protective Coating bc-05The Modesta product creates a hard, glass-like layer on the clear coat of your vehicle. This thick layer is composed of high grade silicium produced by a special chemical reaction at the time of application. It acts as a impenetrable barrier, protecting the paint from all adverse affects of the environment.



ClearPlex Windshield Protection


Driving down the streets or on the freeways your entire front end is vulnerable to rocks and debris that gets kicked into the air by other vehicles.




Your windshield, the most fragile of these parts, can easily chip, pit, or crack. While some insurance companies cover this damage there is still a deductible. With ClearPlex you are protected!