Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps


Modern Images uses what is known as a "conformable vinyl wrapping" material to cover nearly every part of your vehicle. Vehicle wraps can serve multiple purposes but we generally place them into two categories; Commercial Vinyl Wraps; and Aesthetic Vinyl Wraps.

We have been in the mobile graphics industry since the 1990's. Our work has appeared in countless magazines on race cars and in the motion picture and TV screen with such credits as Set-Up, Go-Daddy, Chop Shop Rebuild, Duracell Batteries, Johnson Family Vacation and most notably the block buster film The Fast and the Furious, along with its sequels.


Color Change Vinyl Wraps

Modern Image Nissan GTR Chrome Wrap

Advancements in plastics technology have created numerous options when it comes to wrapping your car simply to personalize the look to you. With colors crossing the color spectrum; in gloss, satin, and flat; as well as chrome, and opalescent aspects you have unlimited options for vehicle appearance.

The best way to figure out how you want to wrap your car is to come in. we have samples of many colors and we can go over all the options available to you. 

Commercial Vinyl Wraps



Commercial vinyl wraps are a great way to get your business seen as your drivers are out on deliveries or driving to job sites. We can print any type of graphics or images onto vinyl then apply that vinyl to your vehicle. Our skilled graphic designers can create a rendering to give you an idea of what the vehicle will look like.

Using a commercial vinyl wrap automatically targets the areas your clients are at by simply being there.