Window Tinting San Diego

The Best Window Tinting in SoCal

Enhance your driving experience and elevate your comfort level for you and your passengers with automotive window tinting. Our shop in San Diego has different window tint options that allow you to entirely customize your car tint. Let Modern Image find the perfect darkness and material for your vehicle that fits both your budget and style.

Once you decide upon the specifications of the window tinting, our professionally trained technicians will carefully install the window tint with films that will never bubble, discolor or peel. Our films at Modern Image provide amazing optical clarity and essential heat protection. Whatever you happen to drive, our dedicated team can provide you with sleek window tinting that will give you protection from the sun's UV rays.


3M Window Tint Installers

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We offer only the best products on the market for our clients, recommending top brands and products like 3M Crystalline Tint.

3M FX Premium

Blocks up to 99% of UV light transmitted by the Sun.

Keeps you and your passengers cool.

Available in different tint levels.


Made with technology that keeps the heat out

Allows visible light into your vehicle

Blocks up to 99% of UV rays

Why You Need Window Tinting In San Diego

Blocks out heat

Reduces Glare

Decreases Eye Fatigue

Prolongs life of AC system

Blocks harmful UV Rays

Provides Privacy

Increaes Shatter Resistance

Reduce car interior fading

Improves comfort

Aesthetically Pleasing

Upgrade Your Windows

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