Audi R8 Satin White Vinyl Wrap Color Change

  Sometimes you need a change of color. When that happens its probably time for a wrap. This Audi R8 came in looking great with clean original Jet Blue Metallic. unfortunately the owner had grown tired of the look. The original excitement he had when looking at the car was […]


Modern_Image_Clear_Bra_HG _gt_feature

Full Satin Clear Bra For HG Motorsports

HG Motorsports was one of the first to receive the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. With a stunning car like this, paint protection is a top priority. Within a week of delivery they brought us the car for a full custom clear bra package. you see, this car is not going […]

The best upgrade for a LaFerrari cant even be seen

  There were only 499 Ferrari LaFerrari offered for sale. The vehicle was “sold out” before it was even released to the general public. So, saying only a handful of people in the world know what it’s like to own one is an understatement. One of these exclusive owners brought his ultra rare, $1.42 […]



Rolls Royce Wraith color change wrap

    When the car has everything you want inside but the wrong paint outside, its time for a vinyl color change wrap   After searching for months to find a perfect car that met all the criteria he wanted, our client finally settled on one with perfect interior and wrong […]

The Ferrari 488 GTB is here

  We just had the pleasure of personalizing a brand new 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB, simple and clean. As Ferrari says #wordsarenotenough   Fresh off the showroom floor the car came to us to get the wheels powder coated black, a front clear bra, a vinyl blackout on the roof, finished […]



Aston Martin DBS Full Clear Bra

Do you remember the opening scene of James Bond Quantum of Solace? There is a 4 minute scene the has James being chased by two Alfa Romeos into a construction site. Of course, his choice of vehicles was the British made Aston Martin. And the model, the all new DBS. […]

Flat Red vinyl wrap on this Maserati GranTurismo

  A Vinyl Wrap make it easy for you to completely change the look of your car This Maserati GranTurismo started its with the third most popular car  color, Black. If you have a black car it can become kind of boring and mundane when you think one out of every five […]


Modern Image Nissan GTR Chrome Wrap

GT-R gets a Black Chrome Wrap

Check out this black chrome wrap video The video was filmed at the Modern Image office in Miramar and a few choice stops up the coast after the wrap was done.  

Ferrari FF with custom full front Clear Bra

A front Clear Bra is the first step in protecting your investment.   With a starting base price of $295,000 the Ferrari FF is a four seater that needs to stay protected. Sure, you park it in the garage to cut down on Mother Nature damaging the paint. You make sure you […]

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Modern_Image_Clear_Bra_HG _gt_feature

New video from HG Motorsports

Earlier this year HG Motorsports brought us their Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S for a full clear bra package. After an initial break in, road rallies like Targa Trophy Megarun and Gold Rush Rally 7 were the testing ground for the Products they have developed for the GT S. Using real world […]

Printed Vinyl Wrap for the Perfect Bar

 The Perfect Printed Vinyl Wrap to promote the Perfect Bar A great way to get noticed around town is to turn your delivery or company vehicles into rolling billboards for your business. This van has a printed vinyl wrap to promote the Perfect Bar company as the delivery truck did its route. This […]